VBScript Record Macro

Workspace Macro
Ease your workload. Delegate repetitive tasks to Workspace Macro. Keyboard macro & mouse macro. SMAR......
Tethys Solutions, LLC
Auto Macro Recorder Pro
Is an useful macro program for you to record mouse macro and keyboard macro.
Macro Buddy
increase your productivity.

VBScript Record Macro

Quick Macro
Software to record, replay and edit keyboard & mouse macros.
Brothers Software
A professional software for using, recording, modifying keyboard macros'.
Eager Planet
Jitbit Macro Recorder LITE
Simple keyboard and mouse recorder.
JitBit Software
Macro Wire
It is designed to automate the generation of NC codes for CNC wire cut machine.
Virtual Programmable Keyboard
Easily record keystrokes as a Windows macro, emulating programmable keyboard.
Techra Software
DFX Macro Editor
Macro editor for Delta Force Xtreme.
Murder Inc, Death Division
Tethys Macro SDK
Tethys Macro SDK -Add macro capabilities to your software.
Tethys Solutions, LLC
Macro Keys
Assigns shortcut to large text, saves multiple clipboards and launches programs.
New Softwares, Inc.

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VBScript Record Macro

Macro Scheduler Lite
Advanced, easy to use, Windows Software Automation tool.
MJT Net Ltd
Macro Recorder Lite
Simple and low cost keyboard and mouse recorder.
Mouse Macro Recorder
Windows script macro recording application.
MouseMacroRecorder Ltd.
Auto Macro
Most powerful yet easy-to-use macro software.
Open Twebst
Web automation library and macro recorder for Internet Explorer.
Chromium browser automation
This is a Google Chrome plugin that allows you create and run macros.
Easy Stone Macro for CorelDRAW Easy Stone Macro
Eassy Stone Templates
Auto Keyboard Mouse Clicker and Fast Copy Paste
Macro-based automation tool.